September 11, 2013
Tomorrow night, FRIDAY THE 13TH at 9:15pm --- come see my NYC FILM ACTING DEBUT in "Butter on the Latch", a 66 minute horror film/ psychological thriller, brilliantly conceived by director Josephine Decker and hauntingly filmed by cinematographer Ashley Connor.

In "Butter on the Latch" I play a girl, aptly named 'Sarah', who immerses herself very deeply (maybe too deeply) into the dark underworld of a Bulgarian folk song that she's learning at Balkan Camp in the Mendocino woodlands… It's chilling and haunting, and really that's all I'm gonna say. Please come hug me afterwards. I think I may need it.

The New Yorker

“Butter on the Latch”
an exclusive New York screening (including Q+A)
Tomorrow, Friday September 13th - 9:15 pm

La Di Da Film Festival
at the Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (at 2nd street) NYC
Tickets: purchase at the door.
May 18, 2013
Acme Studio and Sarah Small present “Balkan Incarnations”
Friday, May 24th, 2013 – Brooklyn, NY
63 N. 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211  -  7:00pm-11:00pm
Greek and Italian hors d’oeuvres by Mackenzie and wine and beer provided by Acme.
Suggested donation$5-$25. Proceeds will benefit the production of Black Sea Hotel’s new album and Tableau Vivant’s Global Tour.

On Friday May 24th Acme Studio and Sarah Small present “Balkan Incarnations,” an evening of music, film, photography and performance, an immersion into harmony and dissonance through contemporary embodiment of Balkan folk songs and ancient stories.

Included in the evening is a screening of Sarah Small’s Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions, supplemented by Small’s photographic stills from The Delirium Constructions, as well as a sneak preview trailer of Director Josephine Decker’s experimental psychological thriller “Butter on the Latch."

The screenings will be prefaced by vocal performance by Black Sea Motel (an experimental off-shoot of Black Sea Hotel). Willa Roberts and Sarah Small will perform as a live duo while Corinna Snyder will appear projected like an apparition, on a pre-recorded track/video, interweaving the live and the virtual. Black Sea Motel will sing “Ibish Aga”, the Bulgarian song featured in the 2011 Tableau. Small and Roberts will also perform traditional and arranged Balkan a Cappella repertoire as a duo, including songs from their upcoming album.

For Full Event Details and to Download Press Release. Proceeds from this event will fund Black Sea Hotel's new album as well support pre-production for the Tableau Vivant tour. Click to support Black Sea Hotel's new album directly.

May 18, 2013
Josephine Decker worked magic once again! My god, her wildly strange and brilliant film, "Butter on the Latch," in which I played the lead actress, just received three absolutely glowing reviews from The New Yorker, Indie Wire, and The Film Stage. What started out of curiosity, as a terrifying experiment to try acting for the first time, turned into a dream come true. The collaboration was alive, scary, and deliciously challenging. And... now the product that was yielded is other-worldly. I so much love this film. It's like nothing I've ever seen before... and I praise Josephine for her persistence in doing what we all find most scary... making something that doesn't yet have a template anywhere... this film tells stories so unusually. I will keep you updated regarding our NY premiere. To stay updated about "Butter on the Latch" on Facebook, click here.

May 01, 2013
Guys! Oh my God… I acted in a Horror Movie. Not Kidding….

It's called Butter on the Latch  -  World Premiere 5/9 and 5/11 in MD.

As an experiment, as prompted by Director Josephine Decker and her insatiable urge to create insanely chilling filmic stories, I acted, for the first time, in a movie!… It took place at Balkan Camp in Mendocino CA, where I go during the summers (in real life) to study Balkan singing. She decided to use Balkan Camp as a backdrop for the story of a young woman, played by me (aptly named Sarah), who looses her mind inside a folk song, Zhenish Me Mamo she's learning about dragons who intwine themselves in a woman's hair and carry them off through the forest, burning as they go. The film explores a friendship, a romance, and terrifying interplay between imagination and reality. The Eastern European Folklife Center was kind enough to allow Josephine and her crew in to create this film. I wasn't sure what I was getting into when we started shooting this movie together, but my god am I glad we did this… The story is brilliantly directed and edited Josephine Decker and hauntingly shot by Ashley Connor. For those Black Sea Hotel fans, an original arrangement of Zhenish Me Mamo will be included on Black Sea Hotel's new album, as well as in the soundtrack of Butter on the Latch.

Butter on the Latch premieres at the fifteenth annual Maryland Film Festival next month:
Click here for details.
Location: The Charles Theater, Windup Space, MICA Brown Center, Baltimore MD
Showtimes: Thursday, May 9th - 11:30pm + Saturday, May 11th, 12:30pm
Also featuring a special film selected and presented by legendary filmmaker John Waters and a silent classic shown with a live musical score presented by the Alloy Orchestra.

October 18, 2011
For those of you who missed the 120-Model & Musician Tableau Vivant at Skylight One Hanson this past May, a short video edit from the performance is now available online! Click HERE to watch the video. Click HERE to see a selection of still photographs from the event.

More to come soon!
February 01, 2011
Pretty cool! After their performance at the 2011 Golden Festival, Sarah's a Capella singing group, Black Sea Hotel discovered that David Byrne was there. Lovely when info like this is revealed only after the fact! See Byrne's blog post and video of BSH's performance HERE.
December 13, 2010
When you have 19 minutes of free time...
July 26, 2010
Jack Pam recently launched his Documentary film, Photography Hijacked - An exploration into the work of 12 Australian and American photographers, including Sarah. 300,000 people tuned in to the screening in Australia and it's getting a ton of great feedback! Pam is currently distributing the DVD in various locations, while working on a long-form director's cut to submit to international film festivals. There may be additional screenings in the coming months (TBA).
May 15, 2010
After 3 years, filmmaker Jack Pam has launched his documentary Photography Hijacked - An exploration into the work of 12 Australian and American photographers.  According to Pam, "...each artist in this film represents a unique way of looking at photography." The film screens next on ABC TV 1 at 10:00pm EST, May 18, 2010. A preview is available for viewing on Vimeo HERE.
April 13, 2009

I'm making a movie!: My friend and colleague, Leah Meyerhoff of Unicorn Films has decided to make a documentary about me/my work. Writing this feels rather strange I must say. Hmm... My very first gut feeling was that of excitement. Then I became apprehensive and nervous about the idea and now I am back to excited again. We will be collaborating together on the process and on the final edit...

April 13, 2009
Daniel Cooney (of Daniel Cooney Fine Art) recently recommended Sarah to Magnet Media's Zoom-In Online TV to be interviewed as part of the new series called VIEWFINDERS, showcasing video interviews with photographers. She ended up doing an interview with Viewfinders at Cooney's Gallery, you can check it out HERE.
Viewfinders Interview
November 03, 2008

This link just made me so sad in such a sweet and strange way (a Squirrel and a Mosquito fall in love (I love seeing them dance):