September 17, 2009
Sarah was contacted last month by curator of the 50 States Project and the Alphabet Project, London-based photographer Stuart Pilkington, to be part of his next curated project, entitled American Women (alongside 19 other American photographers). Throughout 2010, Pilkington will present each of the participating photographers with four different portraiture assignments. The work will be showcased on a site dedicated to the project, for launch in early October, 2010 (details TBA).
July 22, 2009
I'm just back from Trieste, Italy where I was sent as a Photography Finalist by International Talent Support Eight (ITS#8). I DIDN'T win the 10,000 euro Grand Prize I am sad to say! However, the Finalist who did win is a sweet Finnish girl named Saana Wang who is going to buy herself a perfect new computer so I feel very happy about that! Grand Prize aside, when invited to enter this competition, I had no idea what a high-budget production this was going to be. ITS#8 researched talent and organized production year-round with a 40-person staff. The experience was delicious and decadent...
July 21, 2009
One last reminder for those of you living in Italy near Bova, as mentioned in Sarah's last Newsletter, The Bova International Festival of New Images will be taking place next week. They’ve selected three unlikely images from Sarah's website to exhibit (photos that haven't been shown in years). 
June 01, 2009
This coming THURSDAY JUNE 4TH, I’m officially titling THE DAY OF ME! I have a real nerve saying that, huh?! I mean… honestly. But for real, here are the 3 Sarah Small related Events/Parties you can come to this Thursday JUNE 4th. I’m laughing a little as I type…
June 01, 2009
1) JUNE 4TH------ FIRST, there’s the POLAROID PARTY EXHIBITION. Curator Marshall Kappel has compiled an exhibition in Dumbo of all Polaroid-based artists. For the very first time I am showcasing a selection of Polaroids from my life-long diaristic Polaroid-A-Day Project now at it’s 12-year mark. I’m showing a grid 13 rows high of182 representative days. Click HERE for a SNEAK-PREVIEW: Come see the 60-inch grid in person so you can examine and review them at actual size over cocktails...
June 01, 2009
3) JUNE 4TH, also------ If you’re sad right now that you live in San Francisco because you think it means you can’t celebrate THE DAY OF ME! :), don’t fret, you can go to a PARTY I'm showing a photo at, filled with commercial photo industry professionals, hosted by my West Coast commercial Reps at Friend and Johnson...
June 01, 2009
I’ve been selected by an Italian organization called International Talent Support (ITS) as 1 of 2 American Finalists out of submissions from 65 counties. We will be FLOWN TO TRIESTE, ITALY! this July for an exhibition, award ceremony, and a chance to win the grand prize of 10,000 Euros. This is sponsored by MINI (those little cars). The other American Finalist, Elizabeth Eiten, and I will be flying into Venice on July 8th – I’m hoping that one of you on my list has family or friends there who may want to walk us around the city? Let me know if you have thoughts. I haven’t been there since I was 15 years old when I took these photos of my sister Rachel.
June 01, 2009
If you haven’t yet checked out the show WILD THINGS: Photography for Animal Lovers at Stricola Contemporary, you definitely should before the end of the week when it comes down. Here are a few photos from the opening where you'll see Sarah with model Laura, and curator Greg Garry, as well as her work in the context of the show.
June 01, 2009
Sarah has been chosen as one of the 2009 Xto Nude Image Finalists, and will have one of her photographs exhibited at Farmani Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn (11 Front Street). The opening reception is July 9, 2009, from 6:00pm-8:30pm. 
April 13, 2009
Sarah will have three photographs on exhibition at Stricola Contemporary, beginning this Saturday, May 2, 2009. Curated by Greg Garry and running from 5/02/09 through - 6/02/09, this group show is titled Wild Things: Photography for Animal Lovers, and includes work by Jill Greenburg and Chris Buck, among others. In addition, the Francesco Clemente show will be opening that same night (5/02) at Deitch Projects right across the street.
March 05, 2009
Earlier this winter, Sarah Small brought together thirty people with distinctive visual personalities for a photo shoot. On March 14th, she will reassemble this same cast once again as a living, breathing image... 
January 16, 2009

I've opened up a New Miniature Edition size for tiny affordable prints. They are $200 each. The edition is 13 and the mini-diorama-matchbox size is 2x3. I imagine these hanging in multiples near each other or even touching in frames.