May 26, 2010
German news publication Welt Kompakt reviewed the May 8th Tableau Vivant performance in DUMBO, Brooklyn. HERE, you can view a scan of the original German article, as well as a few translation attempts. The complete article is also available in Welt Kompakt's archives HERE
April 27, 2010
On May 8th, 2010, Sarah and her team will be holding the fourth mini-Tableau (leading up to the main 120-model event, details TBA). Although the May 8th performance is a small, private event, everyone bare witness to the performance, thanks to USTREAM's live online video streaming. Tune in to USTREAM at 8pm sharp...
March 04, 2010
The second mini Tableau will take place at the Tribeca Y, as one component of a larger 2-day event to kick-off Women’s History Month. As part of the experiment in this mini Tableau performance, Sarah will be enlisting one of her models into the creation/direction of the Tableau itself. Laura, a model and dancer frequently seen in Sarah's Delirium Constructions imagery (Laura at Evelyn's, Bluebird on Laura, among many others) will be participating in casting dancers, as well as choreographing a segment of ballet-inspired movement to exist within the context of the larger pool of models...
February 17, 2010
The second in the series of mini Tableaux that will precede the 120 Model event, will take place this coming Friday, February 19, 2010. Sarah will be constructing a Tableau of 12 models and one singer, Willa Roberts (of Black Sea Hotel). In addition to the live event, there will be a screening of the film-short (directed by Leah Meyerhoff) that was created at last year’s Tableau performance, as well as an exhibition of selected photographs from the still photography series, The Delirium Constructions, alongside hand-picked images from Sarah's personal archive... 
February 17, 2010
An update from the Tableau Team: We’ve done some re-organizing of our foundation, found a new producer to come on board with us, and have made the decision that the big 120 Model performance will need additional time to evolve. Tentatively planned for the Fall, Sarah and the team will spend the next few months conducting a series of mini Tableaux to explore and workshop different creative components of the larger piece, in addition to fundraising and promoting the project.
July 21, 2009
A quick update about my next Tableau Vivant Performance and Party- I'm currently on the hunt for a line producer, someone who can help to budget out a plan, raise money and sponsorship, help find producers, and brainstorm appropriate marketing. I'm not naming names yet, but it looks like I have some ideal and exciting publications on board interested in publicizing my next Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions...
April 13, 2009
From blogs to printed publications, there were several reviews of Sarah's recent Tableau Vivant event. Hudson Valley News, a small print publication based in Rhinebeck NY, wrote a great piece on the evening. You can also check out the review by Time Out New York - a positive review, despite the "boobs and booze" emphasis. It seems the writer missed out on any of the performance's additional offerings, below the surface - but had a good time regardless! Here, you'll find a wonderful comment with particularly thoughtful, revealing content, blogged in response to the Time Out article.
March 31, 2009

HERE is a short film shot at the Tableau Vivant Performance and Party on March 14, 2009. See what you missed (OR what you didn't miss for those of you who were able to attend!). ClicHERE for still photos from the event. And stay tuned for updates on the next Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions planned for Winter 2009...
Click here for still photos from event

March 05, 2009
Earlier this winter, Sarah Small brought together thirty people with distinctive visual personalities for a photo shoot. On March 14th, she will reassemble this same cast once again as a living, breathing image...