The second mini Tableau will take place at the Tribeca Y, as one component of a larger 2-day event to kick-off Women’s History Month. As part of the experiment in this mini Tableau performance, Sarah will be enlisting one of her models into the creation/direction of the Tableau itself. Laura, a model and dancer frequently seen in Sarah's Delirium Constructions imagery (Laura at Evelyn'sBluebird on Laura, among many others) will be participating in casting dancers, as well as choreographing a segment of ballet-inspired movement to exist within the context of the larger pool of models. The evening is curated by the enigmatic Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond, collaborations with David Byrne, The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens). Black Sea Hotel will be performing both nights, along with Shara and various other artists, musicians, and performers.

There will also be a solo exhibition of Sarah's still photography series, The Delirium Constructions, that will open on March 5th in both the gallery space and throughout the building. 


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