No, I don't photograph Buddha or Basketball. Nor do I shoot cassette tapes or chocolate bars. Thank you for your being so observant.

I got several humorous replies to the post in which I asked you guys to vote for me. It appears that different logins correspond with different numbered submissions. None of the numbers I listed in the previous email correspond with my Website Submission OR my Image Submissions on Altpick. It appears that for each new login, the submission-numbers are randomized. Sorry for any confusion. No worries... I haven't been cheating on myself with chocolate bars, cassette tapes, baseball, or Tough Little Men. Both my images are of animals and people. See bellow. Thank you to those of you who went to effort to place a vote!



A few selected responses:
Before I vote for images, is 245 supposed to be

"Tough little man" and 233 supposed to be "Icehouse 1"?

I'm so confused! I looked at 233 and 245 and they don't look like your photos at all! buddah statue and cinderella?

I can't find your single photos, cuz they're not 233 and 245, unless you've started shooting ads for chocolate bars.

I logged on to vote and nominated your site... they didn't seem like yours (group shot of a basketball team and ashot of crumpled paper on green).

So, I'm afraid that your single image numbers aren't 233 and 245. The later just didn't look like your image. It was a cassette tape. You have a certain style and that was not it.