Exciting news: Next month, I’ll be concert w/ ------KRONOS QUARTET------Brooklyn Youth Chorus------ 

and Black Sea Hotel...   I wrote some new music and we’re performing it. Holy Moly Moly Moly. 


I’ve been working on the piece since January (and now am in close collaboration with the ridiculously - almost scarily - talented Rima Fand). It’s a seven-movement work for Black Sea Hotel, string quartet, and Brooklyn Youth Chorus, with current plans to premiere in 2017 (can’t disclose details yet). After the music for the piece has been written and premiered, I will be developing the piece into my next         ----------------TABLEAU VIVANT--------------performance (yes, it’s true!). For those of you familiar with BSH’s last record, it’s Part II of what was currently Part I of our title track, “The Forest is Shaking and Swaying”. 



A one-movement excerpt will premiere next month:


National Sawdust: 7pm on Tuesday, October 6th

Black Sea Hotel + Brooklyn Youth Chorus ACME String Quartet
Other composers/performers this event will be multi-instrumentalist Arcade Fire
member, Richard Reed ParryPaola Prestini Pulitzer Prize-winner Caroline Shaw

80 North 6th St.

Williamsburg, NY 11249

Admission: $25 



St. Ann’s Warehouse: 8pand 12pm on Saturday, October 17th

Black Sea Hotel, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Kronos Quartet 

Will be in company w/ some insanely awesome prolific composers!
(not allowed to publicize names now)

45 Water Street

Dumbo, NY 11201

Admission: Evening Concet: $26 - $41

(there is also a free matinee show at 12pm)