I'm making a movie!: My friend and colleague, Leah Meyerhoff of Unicorn Films has decided to make a documentary about me/my work. Writing this feels rather strange I must say. Hmm... My very first gut feeling was that of excitement. Then I became apprehensive and nervous about the idea and now I am back to excited again. We will be collaborating together on the process and on the final edit and we guesstimate shooting for 5 or maybe 7 years now. I'm looking forward to directing some scenes myself, possibly scripted dream sequences- bringing some dreams of mine to life and integrating them within with the documentary footage. I want to mix up conscious and subconscious, mix up the documentary genre with fictionalized story telling, comedy, hilarity, drama, horror :), animation etc... just fantasizing/brainstorming right now. We're looking forward to seeing what unfolds. AND, look out cause we're about to start fundraising.