A quick update about my next Tableau Vivant Performance and Party- I'm currently on the hunt for a line producer, someone who can help to budget out a plan, raise money and sponsorship, help find producers, and brainstorm appropriate marketing. I'm not naming names yet, but it looks like I have some ideal and exciting publications on board interested in publicizing my next Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions. I am also searching for unique new fashion designers interested in showcasing their current line within the unlikely context of performance, live music, and both still and activated bodies of varied visual personalities and in various stages of undress. More explanation to come next month. This is just to start to put the word out there. For those of you who missed my first Tableau Vivant Party last winter, see here. The next one is tentatively planned for February 13, 2010. The number of models will triple in size.