HERE is a short film shot at the Tableau Vivant Performance and Party on March 14, 2009. See what you missed (OR what you didn't miss for those of you who were able to attend!) Stay tuned for updates on the next Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions planned for Winter 2009.
Click HERE for still photos from the event.
Click here for still photos from event

Conceived by Sarah Small 
Co-directed by Sarah Small and David Chapman
Film-short edited by Leah Meyerhoff of Unicorn Films

This event is one chapter of an ongoing project exploring dis-associations brought together into the same space. Social boundaries - between the private and the public, between the animal and the human, between the erotic and the de-sexualized - are suspended to capture subjects' contextual experience. The Delirium Constructions is an umbrella housing a number of smaller narratives now growing beyond the horizons of still photography. In each of these narratives, the scenarios are contrived but the emotions are real. In the past, The Delirium Constructions have found photographic form in both gallery and commercial work. The prints displayed demonstrate both trajectories. Earlier this winter, thirty people with distinctive visual personalities were brought together for a shoot. On March 14th, this same cast will be assembled once again as a living, breathing image. The arrangement of the models will be inspired by the working-photographs generated during and surrounding our first gathering. The purpose of this tableau vivant is not merely to reconstruct the prior scene, but rather to allow viewers to join in, and to explore the mutual engagement between models and audience. The complete range of response, be it unease, arousal, nonchalance, confusion and/or humor is integral to the work. Video collaborators will be documenting the experience of viewing and being viewed. Studies of the footage will serve as the essential building blocks for the project's next conceptual permutation. The silence of the tableau will be broken with an interlude as the models transition from performers to guests.

Special thanks to Charming Hostess, for letting the project use their song in the above film-short; and to Black Sea Hotel for letting us play their song during the credits.

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY Chopin Potato Vodka, Jewel Street Studios, Dogleaf Studios, and A5E Projects.