January 09, 2013

Black Sea Hotel will be performing at the 2013 Golden Festival on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 8pm sharp. Golden Fest is a two-day long event that takes place annually in Brooklyn. If you are curious about Balkan music, food, and dance, and the general Balkan subculture here in NY, you will want to be at Golden Fest, celebrating 28 years of live Balkan, Roma (“Gypsy”) music and beyond.

Location: Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn NY
Date/Time: January 18 & 19 - Black Sea Hotel performs SATURDAY only, 8pm
Click HERE for festival tickets and pricing (one and two-day ticket packages available)

Grand Prospect Hall is located one and a half blocks from the R train to Prospect Avenue

January 09, 2013
Black Sea Hotel will be performing brand new material - a casual, quiet, early-eve Sunday gig on March 3, 2013. 

Location: Zirzamin, 90 West Houston Street, NYC
Date/Time: March 3, 6pm
Admission is FREE 

Zirzamin is located at 90 West Houston St. (Northwest corner of Houston and LaGuardia Place) in the
West Village of Manhattan
Closest train is the B, D, or Downtown 6 to Broadway-Lafayette, although it's also close to the W 4th St. stop (A, B, C, D, E, and F trains)
January 08, 2013
Black Sea Hotel will be performing at Spectrum in NYC on March 8, 2013. Details TBA.
January 08, 2013
Black Sea Hotel will be performing in Boston, Massachusetts on the eve of February 7 at Flora Restaurant
December 28, 2012
My favorite present over the holidays is when my mom brought her singing parter, Rob, and his friend, JI, to our house to teach herself, me, and my sister how to do harmonic singing. It's like magic, really! My sister, in particular, has become totally obsessed with it. Look at this performer/vocalist, Natascha Nikeprelevic… She is actually creating those harmonic (all those higher octaves and 5ths with her voice) naturally. This is producing this sound. This is for real. When I practice this, I am starting to be able to hear one octave and occasionally a 5th and very very quietly, but not like this woman. No way! I'm dumbfounded she can do this. I just think this is so beautiful what she is doing, what we can do with our own bodies. 


December 27, 2012
My sister and mom and I can NOT get enough of this. Jim Carrey is pure genius. How does he sing this? We are trying to figure out if he practiced these exact intervals or if it was entirely improvised… It's just that it is so perfectly f-d up, and impossible to replicate with precision. I've tried over 100 times.  He's doing some wildly weird stuff. We were trying to learn it well enough so we could score it. Impossible. If any of you can score this... down to the quarter note, I will send you the biggest present. I want to create a harmony line for this White Christmas rendition and sing it with Jim Carrey one day. 


December 22, 2012
Is this really happening? This dance! This dance. Like speedy guy birds. I can't stop watching this. Otherworldly. These guys are pros at this apparently. I wanna learn!: 


December 10, 2012
Black Sea Hotel is recording with the wondrous Don Godwin in a gorgeously acoustical temple in Flatbush… The sound is angelic. We just tracked the first six songs. We will pick up again in March and finish the album for anticipated release this Spring! 

October 08, 2012
These Inuit throat singers remind me of little black bears meeting in the woods and making friends for the first time. They will fall in love after this encounter or maybe they already have. I just love this:


October 04, 2012
I could barely make it through this, too much crying for me in the middle of the day. I know the whole documentary production of this may seem exploitive or cheesy or something to some people, but you just can't fake this kind of love. It's just so, so tender. 


September 20, 2012
Sarah Small is seeking a creative, energetic, and open-minded art's management professional to join her team as Studio Manager (Executive + Personal Assistant). The ideal candidate possess a natural and inherent interest in and orientation around detail, in both text-based and graphic contexts. The ideal candidate values authenticity, honestly, direct communication and humor! He/She has the ability to multi-task and synthesize a lot of information in a fast paced environment.
September 07, 2012
For those of you in or around Pittsburgh, PA, Sarah has an opening at Concept Art Gallery on Saturday night.  The 40th Anniversary Curator's Choice exhibit will include six of Sarah's prints: Molly And EllyMay, Tears On Sara Liz, Morgan Wants Stephy, Molly Watching Wes, Pappa Sleeping, and Punk And Anika.
But don't worry if you can't make it this weekend… The exhibit will be up through October 7th, 2012.
Location: Concept Art Gallery, 1031 South Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15218
Date/Time: (Opening) September 8, 2012, 4:00pm - 6:00pm