Composer and singer on Yo-Yo Ma’s 2017 GRAMMY-winning “Best World Music Album”, Small’s work spans genre from musical composition, to film directing and acting, multidisciplinary performance, to still photography and a cappella singing,
with a vocal specialty in Bulgarian folksong from the region of Shopluk.

Ten years in the making, Secondary Dominance (which interweaves electronics, classical music, industrial, punk, Balkan folk, rap, and pop) will release its first record December 2017. Prior to the record’s release, the music debuted January 2017 as a staged performance in New York City’s HERE Arts Center’s PROTOTYPE Festival, garnering tribute from notable publications including The Wall Street Journal.

Small’s Tableaux Vivants are a performative incarnation of her internationally-awarded still photography series,
The Delirium Constructions, which was conceived in 2003. In 2011, Small created a 120-participant Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions, collecting praise from The Washington Post and The New York Times; performance documentation has received 2 million+ views.

Small has written musical works that have been recorded with Yo-Yo Ma and performed by Kronos Quartet and Brooklyn Youth Chorus. She has been published in The New York Times, Vogue, Rolling Stone, LIFE Magazine, Indiewire, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, NPR’s “New Sounds”, PRI, The Wall Street Journal, and has exhibited photography throughout six continents.

In 2014, Small was described as “a revelation (noted to have) the best screen, performance at the Berlinale” for her film acting debut in Josephine Decker’s psychological thriller film, "Butter on the Latch”. The film made The New Yorker’s “10 Best Movies of 2014” and has since screened 100+ festivals worldwide. Small is currently living in Oakland, CA wrapping up production on her album, Secondary Dominance. Small will release the record upon moving back to Brooklyn, NY this winter.


Small was born in 1979 into a family of musicians, writers, and psychoanalysts. She spent her young childhood concocting gibberish sounds and songs around the house, dancing, fencing, playing cello, and performing in musicals her mom wrote for her and her friends. She became enraptured by photography when she was thirteen. As guided by her high school photography teacher and mentor, Karen Keating, Small spent her high school years photographing her close friends and her younger red-headed sister, Rachel, wandering the streets of her hometown, Washington DC, equipped with her Pentax K1000. Small graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001 with a BA in photography, after which she moved to a tree-lined street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the day before September 11th. She has lived in the same location ever since. Bunny and January, her two street kitties, are heaven.