RESIDENT COMPOSER - Since 2010, Small has collaborated closely with Rima Fand, as both the Musical Director and Resident Composer for Tableau. Based on Small's loose musical guidelines and conceptual ideas (some derived from Jessica Brainstorm and others from Black Sea Hotel), Fand has composed original vocal drone-scapes, string compositions, and has crafted and refined the overall musical language for the three most recent Tableaux. 

GLOBAL TOUR - Derived from site-specific musical tradition and local folk song, Fand and Small will incorporate unique musical repertoire into each performance. The Tableau Team is currently conversing with an ethnomusicologist, brainstorming ways to incorporate musical traditions from each performance's preceding city’s event, as means to teach and share the findings of the previously visited location’s culture, over the course of the tour.  Building community and connectivity through music, Tableau will act as a pilgrimage, leaving behind a trail of tradition through musical motifs, exposing simple, universal human truths (life, death, love).  Fusing societies, music and sound will transcend other methods of communication, acting as a vehicle for cultural exchange and expansion.

SOUNDTRACK - Featuring original arrangements by Rima Fand and Sarah Small, as well as collaborations with Brooklyn Rider, The Knights, Shara Worden, Simon Balthazar, and Abigail Wright, including bonus tracks by Reggie Watts, Black Sea Hotel, and Hydra, the soundtrack for Small’s first feature film, The Delirium Constructions, is due to release in 2017.


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