“...Such a multifaceted enlivening of all my senses.”
–Julia Whitney Barnes (Attendee, 2011)

“[This was] ...one of the most beautiful and inspiring performances I have ever had the privilege to experience. I taken back by the rawness, purity, and beauty of your work.”
–Gabriel Marques (Attendee, 2011)

“I just wanted to congratulate you once again on the nearly indescribable success of your Tableau Vivant. The performances inspired and challenged me in ways I could not anticipate... I can say without hesitation that this entire experience has enriched my life.”
–Daniel Kushner (Writer, Attendee, 2011)

“I think I can safely say that this is the first time I have ever trusted a large group of human beings so completely... there with no conflicting motives, and we all believed deeply in the importance of bringing this work of art to life... our belief in a common goal was both consciously chosen, kindly acted upon, and completely shared. That is part of why this piece is masterful beyond even "its own" goals, and it is a true testament to the character of Sarah and all her cohorts that they were able to so lovingly organize so many different people into a place of safety and comfortable communication to attain an untainted, transcendent creation.”
–Sarah Zar (Model, 2011)

“...Truly moving, inspiring, and epic. Totally amazing transcendent spectacle of human beingness. I could totally see you doing a European tour bringing the experience to the world. You really actualized a powerful vision and the entire audience was loving every minute of it.”
–Liz Luisad (Attendee, 2011)

“Small’s gatherings induce a collective voyeurism in her audience, with all of the decadent triggers of imperial pageantry, and Fellini-esqe morbidity, that inevitably tips into participation.” 
–Peter Spagnuolo (Author, Poet, Attendee, 2009, 2010, 2011)
"[Small's] last event was, in my opinion, one of the great art events in NYC this year” 
–Jeff Wengrofsky (Attendee, 2009)
"I can't imagine when I last partook of something that made me feel so alive. So beautiful, so singular, so heartbreaking." 
–Jenny Jozwiak (Attendee, 2009)
“For many days I remained in the magical world of Tableau Vivant. I was almost unable to work, speak, or concentrate on anything other than the three incredible days we all spent together. Now I am able to sort my thoughts and write this message of gratitude... I imagined we were all part Sarah's enchanted kingdom.
Sarah being the queen creating a mythical realm of absolute beauty, love, joy and peace. Chrissie being Sarah's right hand courtier administering the business of the kingdom. Rima the court musician creates heavenly music to sooth the soul. Vanessa creates dance to stimulate the mind and body thru beautiful creative movement. Adam creates modern master paintings using the bodies of the court as his medium - each pose a masterpiece. Brian’s wonderful team documenting the magical world for posterity. We the models give our love, loyalty and our labor to the lords and ladies of the court freely and lovingly. Because we experienced being part of this artistic creation it will remain with us forever in the depth of our souls as a thing of serene beauty... I am so humbly honored and proud to be part of this incredible creation and to work with all you beautiful souls. I thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart.
I leave you with a single moving sentence of Dostoyevsky which has been my motto for many years: " Beauty will save the world."
–Dennis Rolland (Model, 2011)
"The event was both organic and surreal, evocative and insightful, sensual and cerebral and, overall, completely enthralling." 
–Daniel Edrei (Attendee, 2009)
“I think you are one of the "touched by God" people, like daVinci...”
–Tatyana Kot (Model, 2011)
“I think one of the most powerful elements in your work is that in a disconnected digital age you are creating a truly "live experience." 100 plus people - strangers came out of their houses and tenderly sat together cheek to cheek, hundreds more witnessed it. To feel it and understand it, you have to be there...”
–Greg Walloch (Model, 2010-2011)
“Dear Sarah, I am so incredibly impressed, released and changed by this experience.”
–Rachelle Cohen (Model, 2011)
"It's like a butterfly what she creates: hidden away in a cocoon, preparing, preparing, waiting and, then, finally, it flies out of the chrysalis, more beautiful than one could imagine; but, unfortunately, only to live the most fleeting of lives." 
–Ann Tracy (Artist, Attendee, 2010)
“I knew to wish for the white dress and the prince charming when I was a little girl, but I never thought to wish for an event that encapsulated our commitment to each other and to art and other people and to our whole community so completely… Maybe Dali's child, but not me - even with my amazing upbringing could have come up with what we had, what we experienced... Thank you especially for making our marriage the most amazing thing that anyone could ever hope for. What an incredible celebration of love and life, union and individuality, birth and death and everything in between... Words can't really describe how much I felt and still feel. It was truly humbling to be a part of such a supremely loving and creative endeavor.”
–Alexandrea Thompson (Bride, Model, 2011 - Married within the Tableau Vivant, May 24th, 2011)
“I was so blown away last night... at one point I could not feel my legs and arms of so many goose bumps I had... lost sense of where I was... and truly felt the music and energy inside of me.”
–Cecilia DeBucourt (Photographer, Attendee, 2011)
“Once again, it was so amazing...incredible...mere words cannot describe... I have been floating since Saturday and for those who did not see it yet, it is almost hard to describe except for "profound and extremely powerful', my new tableau mantra. I am so thrilled to be a part of this, and I do in earnest look forward to much more collaboration... In comparison with all of the productions I have been a part of in the past, improv based or well rehearsed, this particular chemistry was unique and impressive...we all felt it I think, and we all felt safe in a way that cannot be forced or faked...it was a very real connection, stemming from [Small and Thompson's] vision and ability to give us the chance to freely explore...” 
–Cybele Kaufmann (Model, 2010-2011)
“...It was absolutely stunning - a beautiful narrative arc that left me feeling connected to myself and everyone in the room.”
–Betsy Small (Attendee, 2010, 2011)
“I think, from now on, whenever I experience any stress or anxiety, I am going to take three audible breaths in and out, and feel all of you breathing with me.”
–Michael Angelo (Model, 2011)
"[Sarah Small] brought the humanity back into art and for the first time made me feel like I was witness to something spectacular, something that spoke to me.” 
–Larissa Carson (Attendee, 2009)
“I was definitely in another world yesterday as i tried to get used to "normal" life again. I feel as though something really momentous and important has happened in my life.”
–Kira Kupfersberger (Model, 2011)
"I saw the event as ordinary human contexts – vulnerability, pride, sorrow, motion, stasis, exhibitionism, visceral and visual interaction – constituted together in ways not found in nature. What was most refreshing about it all was how Small allowed the sum interactions to unfold of their own accord without attempting to ‘build in’ particular elements of persuasion for the viewer. We were invited to see, but not offered an easy pathway towards a particular brand of intelligibility." 
–Noah McClain (Attendee, 2009)
“I think Saturday may have been one of the most worthwhile performances in my life thus far. Thank you, with all my heart.” 
–Abigail Wright (Model, Opera Singer, 2010-2011)
“[Tableau was]... like a portal through culture to abstract psychological intimacy, [it] was incredible to experience. I never once heard anyone say, "I don't feel comfortable addressing this question.”
–Sarah Zar (Model, 2011)
“I wish I could be able to write as good as a writer does, just for a couple of seconds in order to put into words at least the half of what I felt during the past days spent close together. I can't. But maybe it helps saying that I cried during the first run through. And then during the second. And during the performance as well. A tear shapes an emotion and transforms it into a liquid matter, which eventually dissolves, evaporates and becomes un-sizable again...Thank you Sarah, for being so insanely creative and for having infected us with your vision.”
–Renzo Vitale (Sound Designer, 2011)
"[The Tableau Vivant] showed the beauty and value in people of all shapes, colors, sizes, etc. It's a project that causes interaction, discussion & appreciation of individuality!" 
–Lauren Curtis (Model, 2009)
“…Surprise weddings and vow renewals as part of an art installation meant to evoke human emotion, the human condition, and the human body as artist/choreographer/director walks amongst the seemingly sleeping, winged, costumed forms.”
–Abigail Wright (Model, Opera Singer, 2010-2011)
“The tableau has been the BEST thing I have done this year! Can't wait to be part of the 120....” 
–Kimberly Penharlow (Model, 2010-2011)
" This was the party of the year. Small’s performance was an incredible display of beauty, diversity, emotion, and creation. Props to Sarah for an amazing performance and a superbly fun event." 
–Lani Bower (Attendee, 2009)
“It was the greatest of all (art experiences) I've ever experienced and deeply spiritual... If only its waves could cover and contaminate the world!” 
–Cully Firmin (Model, 2011)
“Thank you, Sarah, I find it difficult to use words to describe how I feel. Mostly because this experience has taken over my body… and after our final performance, the energy flew out of me and, I had to cry because it was all I knew how to do... I have never felt so safe with a group of strangers, strangers who became family, family that I want to protect. We all embraced and honored each other. I feel like I was living in an alternate reality for those few days when we were all together. We summoned an energy that most people do not get to experience in their lifetimes; it was a sanctuary, and now I carry that with me forever...Thank you, Sarah, for bringing so many beautiful spirits together, and guiding us through this magical journey. You are a Shaman.”
–Michael Angelo (Model, 2011)
"… It moved me beyond words, and stayed with me long after other encounters… I can’t wait to see what she and her posse do next." 
–Jenny Douglas (Attendee, 2009)
"The whole experience blew me away, I am still on a high from it all. I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an extraordinary event..." 
–Stefano Panzarasa (Model, 2010-2011)
“I saw [Small’s] absolutely BRILLIANT performance at Powerhouse on Saturday night and am thrilled that I checked out what the crowd was doing at the door… I live in Harlem and got to DUMBO late on Saturday - just in time to see the show. I was going to return to the arts festival on Sunday, but decided that nothing could top or even come close to what I saw on Saturday night. Everything about the performance was eye and ear popping! Just extraordinary!!!!!!” 
–Allegra Levanne (Attendee, 2010)
"Small’s [Tableau Vivant] rocked my world- it was breathtaking!" 
–Kelli Porterfield (Attendee, 2009)
“You created such an incredible force of connection.”
–Sarah Zar (Model, 2011)
“The beauty and mystery of Tableau defies definition.”
–Dragonfly Diva (Model, 2010-2011)
“Dear Sarah, want to thank you for your trust and care throughout this piece... the experience was beyond words and each night powerful in its own unique and incredible way... it has been an amazing journey and I am in shock still that we did it with so many people! ...Everyone I spoke with who came were so moved by all parts of the piece and saw the power/humanity and unique expression in each of our poses/within the music/movement and sheer essence and emotionality that was there... we all felt it... I experienced a trancelike state wherein all of my painful and joyful experiences came up and out of me in addition to the sounds and energy of the people behind me and around me. Being in the front with so much breath/feeling/love/pure emotion/sound surging through my body from behind and from within, was incredible and healing, as I felt it course through me... it was transformative...”
–Cybele Kaufmann (Model, 2010-2011)
“Dear Sarah, I am still speechless... For now I want to simply and sincerely thank you for creating this opportunity for such a heightened experience, truly life-changing.”
–Sonya Rice (Model, 2011)
“…My girlfriend and I attended [Small’s] event at Powerhouse Arena and loved it. Only just now did I realize that the project was done by an artist whose work I had found online and fell in love with months ago. I had devoured the website's contents and looked forward to seeing her future showings and projects.” 
–Chris Griswold (Attendee, 2010)
"Real kudos to Sarah for continuing to create a bohemian atmosphere that is fading fast in New York. A great night." 
–Jason Gardner (Attendee, 2009)
“[The Dumbo Arts Tableau] was an amazing evening and opportunity to meet and share an experience with beautiful intelligent sensitive humans. It was an honor.” 
–Liliana Velasquez (Model, 2010-2011)
“I deeply enjoyed my journey with [Small] and wonderful team and I would like her to know that I loved her way to encourage and motivate each and everyone with tact, respect and talent. She is a wonderful artist!” 
–Pascale Leon (Model, 2010)
"I can't stop crying, and it's final rehearsal. No doubt that this is the most magical tableau to date, and that Sarah and crew are genius."
–Dragonfly Diva (Model, 2010-2011)
“I have never been around such an easy going, accommodating, creative, and caring bunch of people in a performance situation ever. Unless I missed it all, a 'Reality Show' of the event would have floundered in it's search for conflict. Over the past three days, I have grown close to people in a sincere way. The performance itself moved me to tears from the first dress rehearsal through the fat lady singing. Tears followed by sweat, but thankfully no blood.”
–John Marchini (Model, 2011)
“This is what kids must feel like when they have to return from the best summer camp ever.”
–Susanne Goetz (Model, 2011)
“My body was shaking, covered head-to-toe in goosebumps and chills due to the insanely incredible voices.”
–Jaklina (Model, 2011)
“I have spent the past several days singing and yelping all over town!”
–Heather Van Uxem Lewis (Model, 2011)
“...The Tableau is so transforming… and I treasure the friendships that you have made possible. I also was thinking of the roles of the people with whom the models interacted--all of you were so respectful and supportive. I will describe how I was thinking about this, although not all that eloquently. It was almost as if each of you were the key part in a body working together to make the work possible. You, of course, were the heart of the piece by bringing your emotions and spirit to it. I think of Adam as the mind, with his constantly analyzing each segment and pose and grouping. Vanessa represented the body of the piece, by getting us in touch with how we were moving ourselves through the dance. I think of Rima as the soul, with her beautiful score and her beautiful presence--she really helped reset everyone's state of mind after a very long day of filming with very limited preparation for Tuesday's piece. And of course, dear Chrissie is the skeleton that supports all of the other pieces of this body, gives it structure, and allows it to move... Meeting you and participating in your work have been so inspirational and transformative.”
–Paul Connell (Model, 2010-2011)
“It was such a pleasure to be a part of things. Can't wait til you guys have a date for the spring performance. Hope I can schedule another tour around that date too.” 
–CJ Boyd (Model, Musician, 2010-2011)
“Sarah, I am so happy to have been part of something so amazing. You brought together some of the most beautiful souls I have ever encountered and I still am having trouble grasping what a special thing we helped you give to the public.”
–Alisha Carderella (Model, 2011)
“Dear Sarah, You gave us all something very special that we’ll never forget.”
–Smokey Forester (Model, 2011)
“Dearest Sarah, Congratulations on giving birth to such a unique and brilliant being! Mazal Tov to the newly weds, it was the most amazing ceremony I have ever attended!... As I stood on stage, a wave of chills and goose bumps enveloped me when the voices echoed throughout the space.”
–Jaklina (Model, 2011)
“Dear Sarah, You have changed my life deeply! You are a superstar!”
–Mark Hanko (Model, 2011)
“Thank you for including me in what was a truly unique part of my performing career. I never did anything like that before. It was exhilarating. It was wonderful meeting and working with everyone in the production team. You were all extremely professional.” 
–Bob Boileau (Model, 2010-2011)
"A surreal work of art that bridged the lines between the viewer and the viewed, between static and performative, and between high art and glossy, pop-culture and voyeurism." 
–Caitlin Strokosch (Model, 2009)
“Lovelies, I’m still lost for elaborate words. Too amazed, too grateful, too overwhelmed, too happy... Sarah, Adam and everyone in the production team- you are amazing and hopefully aware of how much YOU GAVE TO US during this whole time.”
–Susanne Goetz (Model, 2011)
“Hi Sarah! Thank you again for that life changing experience in your Tableau.”
–Erica Duncan and Dirby Luongo (Models, 2011)
“Art for me is about connection. I came out of this experience transformed and connected to everyone of you, even those with whom I did not speak.”
–John Marchini (Model, 2011)
“I've never done or seen anything like it; it was a spiritual experience for me  music being the highest divinity to me. My boyfriend said it ‘penetrated his bones’ The art was so profound, I wanted to share it with everyone in my life... It changed my life  made me look at people differently, on the subway or street, now I imagine anyone I see could be a part of the Tableau  if they are open-hearted enough... the piece is an exploration of the human subconscious and psyche  which can be scary and weird, dark and wild  but ultimately all is healed and balanced by love's incredible power...To share in this truth, and to create sacred rituals of love together, bonded us all inexplicably. Even if we didn't meet, we find ourselves fascinated by each other, looking for each other on Facebook and wanting to stay connected...Thank you for giving me a communal experience that is much more substantial than anything hippies and new agers could achieve, and for creating high art. I have elevated insight into the human condition because of Sarah.”
–Shelley Thomas (Singer, 2011)
“Sarah, I haven't quite adjusted to real time and space yet. I hope you realize what a profound opportunity you created for so many people. I hope you WILL do a 340 model piece, one at the Louvre and everything in between.”
–Arielle Lever (Model, 2011)
“Hello Dear Sarah... You are incarnation of love, and all those around you feel it and are transformed by it.”
–Sally Heckel (Model, 2011)