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BathHouse Studios
This Tableau took place in the East Village of NYC. During an evening of live performance, wine and cocktails, and delectable hors d’oeuvres, models followed live direction, as vocalists and string players emerged from within the "living picture." 
An intimate re-creation of the piece created in September 2010 at the Dumbo Arts Festival, the performance featured an original a Cappella score by Rima Fand and Sarah Small, and co-performance direction by Adam J. Thompson. Prior to the live event on the 24th, the cast and crew of this performance dedicated a day to filming a series of interviews, staged interactions, and a dreamscape sequence for the hybrid documentary–fantasy feature film in the works, exploring the evolution of these Tableaux, and their participants.


Abigail Wright
Alex Gulla
Andy Miyamotto
Callie Elliot
Cathy Hepworth
Christina Ward

Cybele Kaufmann
Donna Swensen
Dragonfly Diva
Greg Walloch
Janie Martinez

Jessica A Annunziata

Julianna Zarzycki
Kamala Sankaram
Kimberly Penharlow

Leah Aron
Leslie Friedman

Liliana Velasquez

Mary Tierney

Meg Sinclair
Mike Savino
Morgan Rysdon-Moulitsas

Nicholas DiCarlo
Paul Connell
Raimonda Skeryte
Rima Fand
Robert Boileau
Sarah Small
Serena Jost

Siddhartha Dillon

Sidney Etienne
Stefano Panzarasa

Suzanna Denison
Theresa Magario
Yula Be’eri
Zonz Ouattara

Crew - Live Performance

Sarah Small
Chrissie Rouse

Rima Fand
Adam J. Thompson
Amy Poueymirou
Katy Rusch
Alexandrea Thomsen
Brandon Knight
Caitlin Wilson
Ciara Ramirez
Jonathan Tiongko
Matthew Cylinder

Olga Generalova
Yeun Byun

Crew - Film

Sarah Small
Michael Huffington
Josephine Decker
Michele Friedman
Abby Walsh
Brian Gonzalez
Liz Rubin
Ashley Connor
Kevin Bacon
Kyle Sather
Colin Alexander


Arielle Toelke

Elizabeth Bank
Fiona Tyson

Karen Boyer
Marisol Miller-Wave
Melanie Randolph

Still Photographers

Andy Stromberg

Cecilia DeBucourt
Chrissie Rouse
Glenn Glasser
John Mazlish
Julienne Schaer
Peter Spagnuolo
Sidney Etienne

This event was made possible by:
Andy & Deborah Stromberg, Cathy & Dennis Hepworth, Haskell Small
, Rachel Small, Sherry Sundick

Bathhouse Studios
, Broncolor, Bulldog Gin, Dogleaf Studios, GAR-DE, K&A Chocolates, Kelacala Q, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mesa Coyoacan, Oak | Wine Bar & Café, Scheimpflug Digital, The Bagel Store, The Bottle Shoppe, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe, WIN Initiative, Zeichner Wine & Liquor