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Jewel Street Studios
Small’s preparations for her first Tableau Vivant performance took place on her 30th Birthday, one month prior to the gathering. What was originally intended as a one-off experiment as part of a promotional event for her still photography, ended up acting as the launching point for a world of performances to come.
It was only after the event that a good friend referenced the European tradition of tableaux vivants.  In awe with her own creation, Small's curiosity led her to question what exactly it was she had created, explore it's context in history - and later - to explore this idea further, taking the medium to new heights.
During preparations, Small met with the selected cast and conducted an experimental "meet and greet" photo shoot. The fruits of this shoot formed the blueprint for the live “re-take,” one month later. After this Tableau experiment, Small set out to create one of massive scale, with of 120 participants.  Each of the Tableaux leading up to May 2011 acted as an experimental building block for the culminating performance. 

Collaborators and Crew

Jewel Street Studios
Tim Hogan
Jean Paul Gaultier Showroom
David Chapman
Chopin Vodka
A5E and Stella Rankin
Dogleaf Studios
Evolution SoHo
April Renae
Philip Mauro
Noah McClain
Charming Hostess
Leah Meyerhoff and Koda
Unicorn Films
Dario and Jess
Phil Straus
Klara Hanincova
Rachel Small
Lani Bouwer
Baked NY
Dogleaf Senior
Brian Gonzalez
Drew Tobia
Karl Jacob
Nick August Perna
DJ Kid Magic
Maria Ferrari
Sean McDevitt
Sean Mosher Smith
Black Sea Hotel
Greg Burns
Naomi McLeod
Abbie Longero
Saradah A Chin
Bill Kates
Bridget Fleming
Eric Archibald
My new adopted Grandmother
Alexander Tome
Derrick Kollok
Andrew Sotomayor
Chrystal Soveroski
Yinna Wang


Akeela Safara
Alan Tracy
Alex Silva
Angela Burno
Caitlin Strokosch
Carolyn Griffin
Charles Finney
Chelsea Molnar
Dena Molnar
Douglas Van Dalinda
Frank Angelini
Harry Shaw
Henry Tretiak
Joan Fowler
Josh Weidenmiller
Joy Radish
Kenda McCraney
Kevin Howell
Lainie Dalby
Laura Newman
Laura Sing
Lauren Curtis
Michelle Brent
Newton Meyers
Norah Crawley
Paul Burn
Persiana Von Marks
Ralkf Graebner
Rebecca Pardue
Richard Storm
Royston Crabaugh
Sandy Nisson
Sidney Etienne
Suzy Lanza
Tamara Daniels
Willa Roberts